How long do Gemstone Lights last?

Gemstone Lights are rated for 50,000 hours of use. Using the lights every single night from sunset to midnight equals approximately 25 years of use.

What is your warranty?

Gemstone Lights offers a 5 year warranty on all parts. Brilliant Solutions offers a 3 year warranty on all labor.

Is there a remote? How is the system controlled?

Our systems allow you the ability to customize and create your own colours and patterns. This would not be possible with just a simple remote. Our Smart LED lighting system is controlled by our app which is compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

How often will my lights need to be serviced?

Rarely to never. If your system does ever require service, a service call typically takes under 15 minutes as the lights are individually connected and can easily be replaced if needed.

Are the lights low voltage?

Yes. The lights run on 12v.

How bright are the lights?

Each light can put out 23 lumens but can easily be dimmed to any brightness you like. If you desire, the lights will most definitely light up all areas below the system. People enjoy this for security purposes or for lighting up walkways, front porches, driveways, backyards, patios, etc.

How much power do the lights draw?

Each light draws 0.96 W/bulb. An average system of 150′ consists of approximately 200 lights.

How can Gemstone Lights make a real "Soft/Warm White" when no other permanent lighting system can?

Like the other permanent lighting providers, Gemstone started out with RGB lights. RGB lights can only do a bright white (blueish LED) or variations of yellow. Most people do not like those versions of white and prefer the traditional soft white color. The only way to provide this was to reinvent the bulb itself and add an entire warm white color into each of the bulbs. That’s what Gemstone Lights did.
They recreated their lights to be RGB-WW. This gives you a true, dimmable, warm white color and also allows you to create even more custom colors because you now have four colors to work with when making colors rather than just 3. The warm white CCT color is 2800K.

Will I have any issues with my HOA?

No. Out of hundreds of customers in Colorado we have yet to encounter a single customer having an HOA issue after the install has been completed. Some customers choose to submit the lights to their HOA for approval. Most do not even ask. With hundreds of factory painted aluminum colors to choose from, the track always matches the home’s soffit/fascia.
When the system is off, unless you’re standing under the soffit searching for the lights, they are completely discreet and unnoticeable. In addition to the discreteness of the track system, Gemstone Lights is the only permanent lighting system that allows you to control each individual light which allows you to only turn on certain lights or areas giving your home an architectural pot light look.

Will this system affect my home warranty?

No. Gemstone Lights are ETL certified in Canada and the US. The only lights in the industry to be ETL certified. Lights and other electrical products that are not ETL certified will void most home warranties.

Do your lights stick out of the track or are they flush?

Yes. After testing the look of different designs (flush vs. not flush) Gemstone Lights designed the lights to stick out of the track approximately 1/4″. This offers the best look of the system in all applications (animated modes, static modes, architectural programs). This does not cause the system to stand out by any means but rather gives a much better side profile and street view look to the light when the system is on. The track comes in any depth so customers who wish to have a more hidden look only showing the hue of the lights rather than the bulbs themselves have the option of installing the system to completely be hidden behind their fascia.

Does the system involve soldering or crimping?

Absolutely not. Soldering on these kinds of electrical systems is proven to wear and crack and greatly reduces the life expectancy of the system. If repairs are needed on a soldered system, multiple cables for each light have to be cut and spliced. Repair splicing significantly increases the chance of failure. Gemstone Lights use factory-manufactured individual waterproof connectors. These fittings have been tested and proven to significantly improve the integrity of connections and last much longer than crimping or soldering.

Can I add more lights to my system at a later time?

Yes. Gemstone Lights is the easiest system in the industry to add to. If your budget is tight or you’re not sure about adding the sides or the back of your property, not a problem, Gemstone Lights could not be easier to add to whenever you decide to do so.

Do I need to be near the controller to control the lights?

No. The Gemstone Lights HUB app is cloud-based, meaning you can control the lights from anywhere your smart device is connected to wifi or cellular data. Customers enjoy being able to go to the end of their street and play with their lights while on cellular data.

Do I need multiple control boxes if I were to get the system on my entire house?

No. One controller can run almost all full house systems (excluding exceptionally large properties). With that being said, most customers prefer to have their system set up into front and back zones. This allows you to have the back zone off while you use the front or vice versa (which is extremely common and typically desired). The Gemstone Lights HUB includes a grouping feature which allows you to group two or more controllers together so that you can control multiple zones together whenever you desire.

How big is the control box?

The control box is 9.5″(h) x 9.5″(w) x 5″(d). The box is fully weatherproof and can be painted if desired. The controller and all other hardware inside the box has been tested in both extreme cold and hot temperatures and can be installed anywhere on the exterior of the home if desired. Control boxes are installed either outside near a standard receptacle or inside the garage.

Does Gemstone Lights use third party components?

No. Gemstone Lights uses their own designed and engineered controller, app, lights, wire extensions, and track. This provides a great advantage to system improvements, bug fixes, and customer service.

Will my system become outdated and unable to be updated?

No. The Gemstone Lights HUB controller and app were both designed to be able to handle upgrades and add ons as they are released. These updates are easily added to your system through regular app updates in your app store and firmware upgrades to the controller which, when released, are prompted and added through the app.

Any other questions? Feel free to email us or head over to our Contact page!